About us

About us


What is Viewmaster

Viewmaster operates in the area of interactive virtual tour, as well as, in professional photography. We collaborate with professionals from the field of photography, software developing, design and multimedia.

With university studies, excellent knowledge in the field, high standard of know-how and aesthetic training combined with the latest trend in technology’s software and hardware we strongly believe that we foresee developments and we constantly offer top quality services.

Why choose Viewmaster

Viewmaster is superior due to its high aesthetic value demonstrated by our experienced partners and their persistence in detail, consistency and quality. By choosing Viewmaster you are guaranteed to technical adequacy and technical knowledge of photography, supported by new technologies in every stage of development and production.

Viewmaster offers perfection. The experience, knowledge and love for photography are embedded in the final product which always succeeds to excite and stimulate the viewers, by virtually transferring them in the core of your enterprise.